Building Roads

Be a part of the vision to pave a better future for Zambia and its people by investing in a program that promises a bright future and enables better movement from your home to any destination.

Improving Road Networks

ULENDO RINP is a private sector financing initiative of the Focus Group. This initiative is aimed at mobilizing financing from individuals and institutions  with cash to invest in a private sector entity in return for a secure high return of up to 24% per annum. The funds raised will be used to lend cash to eligible Zambian Road Contractors against duly certified invoices issued to the Road Development Agency (RDA). In this way, Ulendo is providing financing support to develop the Local Road Contractors as a way enabling Local Contractors to grow and contribute more to employment creation for the good of all Zambians.

Supporting Local Contractors

Ulendo RINP will be able to bridge a financing gap faced by local road contractors thereby promoting growth and competitiveness of the private sector and unlocking the economic potential of the country.

Put your hard-earned savings to work

Ulendo RINP offers a great opportunity to earn a large return on your investment