Get to know Ulendo RINP

Ulendo RINP realises that road infrastructure in Zambia is of critical importance to the growth of the economy and is a key driver in the development of the nation. This understanding is well aligned with our underlying vision of paving a better future for Zambia and its people. Ulendo RINP is dedicated to support the progress of this nation in an innovative and unique way. Individuals and corporate investors alike are invited to be a part of this great opportunity to invest and directly contribute to securing the future of road infrastructure in Zambia.

What is Ulendo RINP? Ulendo RINP is a Public Limited Company incorporated in Zambia to address the challenges faced by local road contractors and generally the road infrastructure development sector. Ulendo RINP shall raise funds by issuing Bonds to the general public and corporate investors and these funds will effectively be used to bridge the funding gap between National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) and the local road contractors. Ulendo’s main focus is the progression of the link 8000 program which we believe has the potential to unlock the greatest economic value in Zambia.

Ulendo RINP has both social and economic benefits to Zambia. By funding local road contractors, we are encouraging them to grow their business and increase their capacity to handle an increased number of road contracts. This translates to more jobs being created. Local road contractors will be able to adequately compete with foreign road contractors enabling them to reinvest their income and discourage capital flight. This impacts positively on the economy as there are direct benefits such as increased GDP and a reduction in the trade deficit.

We encourage all Zambians to be a part of this program by investing in the Ulendo RINP. Invest in the future of this great country and generate an above market rate return on your investment.

Our Vision

To empower local road contractors through world class funding solutions

Our Mission

To provide innovative, premier short-term cash flow solutions to local road contractors and an A grade investment opportunity for all.

Our Objective

Ulendo RINP believes that Road infrastructure is key to the economic development of Zambia. By investing in Ulendo RINP, everyone can participate in empowering local road contractors through world class funding solutions.

Road infrastructure improves business profitability, and increases economic growth through job creation and increased liquidity in the Zambian economy. Pave a path for your future with Ulendo RINP today!