Benefits of Investing in ULENDO

The Road Infrastructure Note Programme has numerous benefits

For the Investors

  • Earn high returns on your investment. Up to 24% per annum on the Zambian Kwacha and 7% on the United States Dollar..
  • Secured investment; your investment is insured against the possibility of payment defaults by NRFA.
  • Guaranteed returns on your investment.
  • Direct contribution to a key developmental sector in the economy of Zambia
  • Ease of exit; your bond can be sold on the Lusaka Stock Exchange should you choose to exit from your investment at any time.

For the Local Road Contractors:

  • It provides contractors with the necessary funding to complete their road contracts on time.
  • Allows contractors to increase their working capital capacity enabling them to handle an increased number of contracts and grow their business.
  • Positively contribute to the growth of the economy by creating more jobs for Zambians.
  • Equips the contractors to ably compete with foreign contractors and therefore limiting the levels of revenue export.

For Zambians

  • It enhances road infrastructure which creates business opportunities for rural and undeveloped areas.
  • Increased demand for construction materials such as cement and river sand which leads to increased economic activity in the supply chain market.
  • Improvement of mobility between different communities and towns within the country.
  • Reduced transport costs for local commuters.
  • Lower costs of production due to reduced transport cost which positively impacts the price of general goods and services in the local market.
  • Opening inaccessible areas to development and possible reorganisation of land use.
  • Increase access to areas allowing better supply of goods and services therefore promoting competition for consumer goods.

For the Zambian Economy

  • The economy will be primed for growth due to improved road networks.
  • Production costs of various goods and services will be favourable as transport costs reduce.
  • Direct contribution to the growth of the economy by creating jobs for the Zambians.
  • Growth of road contractors directly impacts the private sector thereby contributing to economic growth.
  • Reduced externalisation of revenues from the road construction sector impacting positively on the money markets in Zambia.

Risk Assurance/Safety

  • Your investment is guaranteed by top rated, long standing credit providers in Africa African Trade Insurance (ATI) and GuarantCo.
  • ATI will insure your investment against default by the government and GuarantCo will ensure that you receive your interest payments on time in case NRFA delays payment outside the agreed terms.
  • ATI is A rated and GuarantCo is AA- rated. Both these companies make your investment very secure. The program is designed to ensure that all investors get their initial investment back as well as their interest payments on time without fail.